Department of Human Resources

VRS Plan Information
Sick Leave Bank Benefit (VRS Plan 1 & VRS Plan 2) and Short-term and Long-term Disability Benefit (VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan)
VRS Plan Comparison Guide (VRS Plan 1, VRS Plan 2 and VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan)

Fringe Benefit Package
PCPS Fringe Benefit Package 2018-2019

Benefits Enrollment Forms
Instructions on Completing the Forms
Anthem Enrollment Form
Delta Dental Enrollment Form
Eye Med Enrollment Form
FSA Benefits Card Election Form
FSA Direct Deposit Form
FSA Enrollment Form
HSA Salary Adjustment Affidavit
HSA Enrollment & Agreement
Premiums for Medical/Dental Coverage Rates
Premium Conversion Affidavit
Waiver of Participation

Audio PowerPoint for Insurance Benefits
Please watch and listen to the Audio Power Point to learn more about your benefits. Please sign in and give your name and email address.

Benefits Enrollment Guide
Pulaski County Public Schools Benefits Enrollment Guide 2018-2019

Medical Plan
Anthem Website
Anthem Benefit Guide

Health Savings Account
Health Savings Account Enrollment & Agreement
HSA Salary Adjustment
HSA Request for Reimbursement

Dental Plan
Delta Dental Website
Summary of Dental Benefits
Delta Dental Enrollment Form
Delta Dental Point,Click,Smile

Flexible Spending Accounts
Flexible Benefit Administrators Employee Memo
How to Access FSA Online
Flexible Spending Accounts Manual
Flexible Spending Accounts Enrollment Form
Flexible Savings Account Direct Deposit Form
Flexible Savings Benefit Card Election Form
Limited Flexible Spending Account ("FSA")
Using Your Benefits Card
Flexible Spending Accounts Mobile App
Flexible Spending Account Wealth Care Portal Guide
FSA Store

Eye Med Website
Eye Med Monthly Premiums
Vision Benefit Summary - Standard
Vision Benefit Summary - Enhanced
Eye Med Enrollment Form

Cafeteria Plan
Premium Conversion Affidavit

Employee Assistance Program
Optima EAP (Password: Pulaski Schools)
Summary of Benefits & Coverage