Welcome to Pulaski Elementary School

Pulaski Panthers

Distinguished Title I School

2019 - 2020
The entire staff of Pulaski Elementary School is dedicated to providing a nurturing, challenging, and safe atmosphere in which learning is fun and rewarding. We strive for excellence in all areas of learning and stress the importance of parent involvement in this process.

Our Principal

Michael Price

Michael Price


Physical Environment: We believe in providing a safe, health, student-centered environment conducive to learning.
Academics: We believe learning is a life long developmental process.
Community: We believe it is vital to develop a partnership with the community.
Emotional Environment: We believe it is essential to promote a nurturing environment of mutual respect.
Parents: We believe open communication is necessary to ensure student success.
Staff: We believe a supportive staff that communicates constructively will provide a successful learning environment.

Our Assistant Principal

Cassie Puckett

Cassie Puckett

Classroom Google Codes

The Classroom Google Codes for PreK - 8th Grade are listed below:

  • Pre-K: uijey22
  • Kindergarten: 7aknar3
  • 1st: cisehqy
  • 2nd: yshhnky
  • 3rd: pvadvxf
  • 4th: agj6hkl
  • 5th : itqvfa5
  • Elementary PE: jztz3sy
  • Elementary Art/Music: ckmp7s2
  • 6th: dogro7k
  • 7th: haqjrta
  • 8th: o2spyl6